* Fully Loaded Fat Chips *

The 'Ull Way £3.00

Fat chips, with a dusting of Hull’s legendary chip spice. Sharing Size £5.00

Beery Cheesy £3.50

American chip spice, warm beery, cheesy sauce & crispy bacon pieces. Sharing Size £5.50

All American (v) £4.00

American chip spice, Heinz Ketchup, French’s American mustard, diced gherkins & crispy fried onions. Sharing Size £6.00

Naughty £4.50

Warm beery, cheesy sauce, crumbled blue cheese, Cattleman’s BBQ sauce, crispy fried onions, citrus pickled onions, crispy bacon pieces & smokey KerbEdge mayo. Sharing Size £6.50


Two handcrafted chuck steak patties, double stacked with Monterey Jack cheese, double smoked streaky bacon, and Heinz Ketchup in a toasted brioche bun

* Burgers *

KerbEdge £8.00

Handcrafted chuck steak patty, smokey KerbEdge mayo, sweet red onion relish, wild rocket, Monterey Jack cheese, and smoked streaky bacon in a toasted brioche bun

Cyril & the Cattleman £8.00

Handcrafted chuck steak patty, pepperjack cheese, Cattleman’s BBQ sauce, smokey KerbEdge mayo, wild rocket & crinkle-cut sliced gherkins in a toasted brioche bun

All American £6.50

Handcrafted chuck steak patty, Heinz tomato ketchup, French’s American mustard, crinkle-cut sliced gherkins, and Monterey Jack cheese in toasted brioche bun

Yorkshire Blue £7.50

Handcrafted chuck steak patty, crumbled Yorkshire blue cheese, smokey KerbEdge mayo, and smoked streaky bacon in a toasted brioche bun

Yorkshire Cypriot (v) £7.00

Our non-meaty burger - griddled Cypriot halloumi, smokey KerbEdge mayo, wild rocket, citrus-pickled red onions, chipotle & tomato sauce in a toasted brioche bun