* House Burgers *

Smokehouse Patty £7.00

A beef and hog smoked patties served in a brioche bun, with Monterey Jack cheese, ranch bacon, out burger sauce and pickles, comes with seasoned fries.

Double Smokehouse Patty £9.00

As the smokehouse but with a double cheese patty.

Fat Hawg Burger £10.00

The smokehouse patty topped with smoked hawg butt (the original pulled pork). £12 Large

Badass Brisket Burger £10.00

The smokehouse patty topped with our badass brisket. Go large for a triple beef hit. Large £12.

Texicano £10.00

The smokehouse patty topped with Texas Chilli Badass Beef Salsa. Comes with seasoned fries. Large £12.

Mexicano £10.00

The smokehouse patty topped with fresh Mexican Chorizo Salsa. Large £12

* Sides *

Seasoned Fries (v) £3.00

House Slaw (v) £2.50

3 Bean Chilli (v) £4.00

Pit Beans £4.00

Pit Boss Fries £4.00

Seasoned fries with Texas Chilli Beef Salsa, jalapenos & melted jack cheese. Large £6.

* Sandwiches *

Fish Finger £4.45

served on wholemeal or white bloomer

Sausage and Caramelised Onion £4.45

served on wholemeal or white bloomer

Chicken Club £4.45

served on wholemeal or white bloomer

Badass Brisket £5.50

Genuine Texas recipe beef brisket with a banging peppery flavour. £8 Large.

Memphis Hog Butt £4.50

Slow smoked pork shoulder (butt) - The original pulled pork. £7 Large

3 Bean Chili Sloppy Joe (v) £6.50

Something for the non-carnivores, our house veggie option

Smoked Sausage Big Dawg £7.00

Spicy Andouille hog and beef sausage from New Orleans, top it off with a choice of pit beans/chilli beans/slaw.

Dirty Longhorn £11.00

Everything in one sandwich! Hog butt, brisket, Andouille sausage, slaw, Hot & BBQ sauce, pit beans and fries all in a brioche.

* Sharers *

Badass Brisket Nachos For 2 £8.00

Hog Butt Nachos For 2 £8.00

Pit Boss Fries For 2 £8.00

12 Memphis Wings £6.00

* Beer Bites *

Hog Butt Nachos £4.00

Badass Brisket Nachos £4.00

Pit Boss Fries £4.00

Hog Butt Slider £3.00

Badass Brisket Slider £4.00

Cup Of Andouille Sausage + Pit Beans £4.00

6 Memphis Wings £3.50

Cup Of Snake Dust Fries £2.00

Fries and Pit Beans £3.00